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GLAMOUROUSO DECO glamourouso deco

Art Deco takes on luxury. See how quirky geometric prints are accompanied by plush velvet and elegant high gloss oak laced with gold creates this take on glamour from a time gone by.

The glamour of 1930’s style brought into the 21st century. This trend combines the luxurious touches of a selection of gold and metallic's as well as art and accessories inspired by contemporary Art Deco style. Renowned for its quirky geometric shapes, the art deco look can be injected into any space with a mixture of materials and textures, including plush velvet and elegant high gloss surfaced oak laced with gold.

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timeless teal TIMELESS TEAL

Bring a sense of refreshment to any room. Timeless teal brings touches of floral prints, textured shades and cosy throws to add elegance to any space.

This contemporary range of bedroom furniture surprises and delights those who love clean lines with a sculptural edge. The grey gloss finish perfectly showcases the curved design of this range and adds a cool feel to the room. Meanwhile, the bed can even set the mood with built in lighting in the headboard. This is the true essence of bedroom comfort and style.

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GREY MYSTIQUE grey mystique

A myriad of contemporary pieces come together to create This trend is all about bringing deep, dusky hues to life with bold accessories.

Delve into this deeply contemporary trend. The dusky hues of grey mixed with hard wearing concrete and glass create a look that brings an effortless sense of cool to any room. Dine in style by dressing the table with stone plates and black or gold cutlery. Add textured cushions, throws, linens and wool's to the mix to give a touch of a softer side. While finishing touches such as lush candles, coffee table books, coasters and coffee cups make this trend easy to live in.

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mid-century blush MID-CENTURY BLUSH

A sweet treat for any room. See pink in a whole new light and discover a fusion of sweet, blush tones, premium, gold accents and contemporary marble.

Bring sweet simplicity home with a fusion of soft colours and styling. While the signature colour here is blush pink, you’ve never seen it in this light. Discover how blush tones, premium gold accents, graphic prints and contemporary marble come together to create a space that speaks to your most stylish side. This trend welcomes luxurious materials through accent pieces such as bowls and vases, while dining areas are dressed with artisan crockery and cutlery.

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SPRING SORBET spring sorbet

Scoops of beautiful home furnishings in a concoction of lemon and rose hues create this mouthwateringly cool look.

Time to have a bit of fun with your interior style. Explore the concoction of lemon, mint, and rose hues in this lively trend. The selection of pastel and sorbet coloured accessories compliment each other perfectly. Why not go all the way and inject a few fun elements such as funky wall art like the pineapple picture featured or sundae glasses to bring the whole look together. It’s a mouthwatering style that your gets will love

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