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Pretty in Pink pretty in pink room shot

Everything’s better when it’s rose-tinted, especially your front room. Think pastel pink, rose-gold and marble for a space that oozes 2018.

Pink takes on an unexpected new look in our Pretty in Pink trend. Inspired by powdery pastel tones, spaces are instantly given a cool, stylish edge.

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modern living room set Modern Living

For a modern-day, open-plan dining area, combine metal and concrete textures with muted and charcoal hues.

Our Modern Living trend combines clean concrete finishes with cool tones. Creating an ultramodern feel, the fresh textures and hues perfectly complement the of-the-minute open-plan layout

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Contemporary Industrial contemporary industrial room set

With rustic textures, a neutral colour palette and touches of modern art, you can create a living room with a relaxed, minimalist look.

This trend focuses on taking the edge off industrial materials like brick and slate by combining them with softer, modern fabrics. Homely accessories and plants laced throughout the room make the perfect finishing touches.

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eclectic revival room set Eclectic Revival

Let the corners of the world loose on your living room with eclectic art, earthy tones and a selection of exotic foliage.

A concoction of exciting textures, striking colours and interesting greenery. Eclectic Revival is all about mixing interiors from different cultures and bringing back styles from times gone by. There really are no limits when it comes to this trend.

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Boutique Luxe Home boutique home luxe room set

The ultimate in luxury. Crushed Velvets and Metallic accessories create the perfect premium fusion, adding glamour to any room.

We’re delighted to have sought after Interior Designer, Dawn Ward, onboard as one of our interior-style experts. Advocate of all things glamour and believer that everyone deserves a touch of luxury, she talks us through the trend that ticks all the boxes, Boutique Luxe.

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