Solid Wood Furniture From Hartmann

Furniture Programs made from pure natural wood

With over 100 years of experience in the construction of innovative furniture, Hartmann is one of the leading manufactureers of solida wood furniture.

Hartmann is a specialist in the implementation of perfect technical solutions in the field of modern furniture design, elaborate details and extraordinary functional solutions.

The production of high-grade furniture requires spespecialist design and processing methods that are geared towards solid wood.

This is guaranteeed by our solid wood specialists through years of experience.


Human And Nature understand their craft.


Classic. Modern. Naturally.


Inspired by wood shingles.

A genuinely Natural Product

Each piece is unique

Hartmann allows you to create fully custom-fit furniture for your home, giving full options for customized production of all ranges.

Ranges can be shortened in width, height and depth.

The depth can also be expanded for more storage space.

Solid wood is a true natural product, each piece is unique in terms of its structure and colour.

Fine branches, cracks, intergrown areas and merging structures underline the materials' authenticity.

Characterised by the location of the tree as well as the weather and soil conditions, each piece of solid wood is genuine, unique product of nature.


The YONNA collection is immediately recognizable by the body of the simply white painted birch, based on a natural water-based varnish.

The solid wood makes it possible for skilled hands to produce a very fine and modern edge appearance.

If you like something a little more robust, choose natural core oak for the beautiful exterior.

The sandblasted slats in the background are carved from the same wood.

There is something adventurous about their washed-out reef wood look that turns your home into an exciting storyteller.

The beautiful slats are accompanied by atmospheric lighting with shadow plays, perfect for later hours to create a nice ambience.


The ANEA collection is guaranteed to impress, beautifully crafted with clean, crisp lines for a minimalist reduced look, perfect for relaxing after a hectic and stressful day.

The indirect handle lighting optimally highlights the sandblasted fronts made of natural core oak.

ANEA does not focus on a design accent, but rather on the special interaction of storage space and glass elements.

Combine these so-called grid elements as you wish: for example, three tier storage elements with a flap and drawers and pieces of furniture with a single- tier glass element.

Your creativity knows no limits. 


Sustainability doesn't just start in production, but rather when Hartmann come up with ideas for new collections: Only those who focus on longevity and timeless design create unique pieces that you want to keep for a lifetime.

There is therefore no better source of inspiration for the designers than nature.

KILVA owes its name to the dividing power and Scandinavian meaning of an axe.

Our designer came up with the idea while chopping wood in the forest.

The resulting split wood is the core of the program and at the same time particularly robust.

It is not for nothing that so-called wooden shingles are used on many roofs.

Their elegant serifs not only impress with their appearance, but are also water-repellent.

But the shingles give you security and safety not only on the roofs, but also in your four walls.

The warm lighting gives the oak shingles a special strength, which is particularly effective when combined with anthracite-stained ash wood, metal elements and glass.

Types of wood

Live nature for living rooms and dining rooms

Solid beech heartwood

Beech heartwood is a hardwood that has become an integral part of modern furniture design.

Umato oak heartwood

Oak heartwood is a traditional furniture wood and among other things, it is characterised by cracks and splay knots.

Natural oak heartwood

The oak wood that is used by us consists of heartwood plank from the trunk of the tree and is heavily textured. 

Solid reef beech

The reef beech is a hardwood for which only heartwood planks from the trunk of the beech are used.

Varnishes and Waxes

According to their intended use, the surfaces are made up of the following components:


In its book "Buying furniture", the German consumer testing institute "Stiftung Warentest" describes the properties of our furniture coating systems as follows:

NATURAL RESIN VARNISH - Dries slowly. Pliant, elastic surface. Breathable.

WATER-BASED UV-VARNISHES - Very quick to dry. Thick, resistant varnish film.

WAX - Very natural effect of the wood, easy to repair, low resistance.

Natural Core Oak

Lively. Durable. Originally

Natural core oak consists exclusively of the core boards of the oak trunk, as only this wood has the desired typical characteristics such as core cracks and wing branches.

Core oak is a traditional furniture construction wood that allows for an excellent finish.

The real tree bark is sawn off from the entire trunk so that a complete part of the tree is used in this furniture.

The strict thermal treatment (according to IPPC standards), means you can be sure that the wood is completely free of wood pests.

The tree grows almost everywhere in the temperate zones of the world.

The oak wood has a yellowish color, is ring-pored and strongly structured, It can therefore be easily distinguished from other woods.

The tree is ready for felling after about 80 years.

Natural core oak consists exclusively of the core boards of the oak trunk, as only this wood has the desired typical characteristics such as core cracks and wing branches.


Exposure to light

Light oak darkens slightly over the years and becomes more yellow. Since this change occurs very slowly, you hardly notice anything. 

Wood-specific treatment

Two layers of very matt UV water-based varnish are applied to the heavily brushed wood. After each application process, the surface is sanded. A wax is applied as a final coating.


Our factory site is a nature conservation area

Climate-neutral production

Tree planting campaign - as a wood working company, Hartmann are conscious of their responsibilty for the environment and future generations.

That is why they plant a new tree in the Thuringian community of Auengrund for every one we sue in production. This means around 7,000 trees per year. 

Not enough? More trees are planted with every purchase that is made from Hartmann in order to preserve the natural habitat.


Sustainable production steps

Timeless Design

Sustainability does not start with production, but as early as in the design of a new collection: unique pieces can only be created by focusing on durability and a timeless design that you want to keep for a lifetime. Hartmann believe there is no better source of inspiration for our designers than nature.

Solar energy production

generating their own electricity with more than 5,000 photovoltic modules. Putting all of their energy into climate-neutral production and also use the sun's energy to do so. The roofs of our production buildings are equipped with 3,800 photovoltaic modules, which generate more than one million KWh of electricity per year. In this way, we avoid more than 700 tons of CO2 every year.

Thermal Waste-wood recycling

Avoiding larger quantities of wood waste by means of dimensionally accurate calculation and efficient wood cutting. Hartmann use the unavoidable wood waste from production as a fuel to heat our production shops. This saves 300,000 litres of heating oil per year and thus avoids around 950 tonnes of CO2.

Water Treatment

Planning to build a recycling system to ensure sustainable groundwater use. By Maintaining a constant humidity of 45%, we avoid deformation or swelling of the wood during storage and machining. We are building a recycling system for sustainable ground water extractiom: rain water is collected over a large area and returned to the ground via a sprinkler system.

Water-based Varnish

Using a specially developed water-based varnish to protect the surfaces of our solid wood furniture as well as nature. Hartmann not only protect nature, but also the surfaces of their furniture against external influences and damage. Depending on the type of wood, the wood we use is treated with a multi-layer water-based varnish specially developed by us, then sanded several times and dried with UV light. 

Sustainable forests

Hartmann obtain their wood from sustainably managed forests, in which only as much is cleared as can grow back.

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