Our fireplace department hosts a diverse variety of different fires, one to suit every type of home. To add style and to keep you warm and cosy this winter!

We offer in-store exclusive fires and a large selection are available online. Fires are a special buy and we understand why it is crucial to make the right choice first time, because of this we offer professional advice and service when you make this choice.

Fire surrounds The perfect focal point in your home with one of our stunning fire surrounds.

Fire surrounds

What is a fire surround? It is an easy way to add glamour and style to your fireplace, with either marble, stone or a wooden surround. If you already have the fire you want but are looking to upgrade your current set up then we offer many options to make this feasible. Simply by changing the surround it can rejuvenate your room and bring a new life to your fire.

The mantle can be used to display your favourite decorations and add the desired theme or colour scheme to your living space. Choosing a more traditional finish creates a grand feeling and perfectly completes your lounge.

Gas fires A fresh modern look in your home.

Gas fires

Gas fires, one of the cheapest ways to heat a room in relation to kW (kilowatts) output. This style of fire creates an authentic flame to make a cosy ambience to complete your interior.

When getting down to the specifics, balanced flue gas fires are increasingly more efficient to run with the use of outside ventilation, and better yet this style of fire is not as restricted in where they can be situated due to not needing a conventional chimney.

But considering other types of gas fires, a more traditional gas fire offers timeless style and effortless warmth to your home.

Electric fires Energy efficient heating solution for your home

Electric fire

An electric fire offers the most energy efficient form of heating for your home. This contemporary design is perfect to add a modern twist with a variety of materials to add the touch you want. Wanting a stone, graphite, oak or brass finish the options are really down to you and make sure you get the look you are after. The suites offer a complete look to the electric fire theme.

See how @mrselizabethhome has this electric fire on our HU Instagram page, a focal point which is inviting and an ultra-modern touch.

Stoves Adds character and ambience to your home


Stoves certainly add character, whether you opt for an electric or gas stove, they all have the same impact on your space. The ability to watch the dancing flames creates much more than a place to warm up, but a therapeutic escape from the cold winter outside.

Not only do we offer all these exclusive fires, we also host a variety of different brands to cater to every customer. See our full page on the brands we supply.

For more fireplace inspiration check out our Pinterest board.