The Secret Garden Glamping

At Housing Units, we were so excited to collaborate recently with The Secret Garden Glamping, the most booked site in the UK, to help with the launch of their amazing new lodge – The Tree Tops. With idyllic views and a private 2.5 acre woodland, The Secret Garden Glamping have taken glamping to a new height of luxury.

With amazing pods, lodges and yurts, all hand-crafted on site with their own individual looks and five-star theme, The Secret Garden Glamping is the perfect place for a romantic getaway or a family break. Featuring all the luxuries of home, each unit has the perfect mix of modern and rustic, with The Tree Tops lodge set to be the best one yet!

Take a read of our Q&A with Derry, founder of The Secret Garden Glamping below and don’t forget to check them out on Instagram!

Introducing: The Tree Tops

“The Tree Tops is going to be the most ambitious unit to date! We are going to take our amazing unique designs up into the canopy of the trees, it’s going to be by far the biggest, most unique and most outrageous design yet.

It will be raised nestled in our amazing woodland and will be somewhere families, couples and groups of friends will be able to unwind and relax. It will be the first unit here to sleep 6 adults with everything you have come to expect from me like stunning 6 person hot tub, outdoor bar and cooking a areas, stunning views and of course for the big kids in all of us – a slide!

This is going to be like nothing I have done before and will be by far the best Glamping experience in the North West!” Derry Green – Founder of The Secret Garden Glamping


Q&A with Derry Green

What was the inspiration behind the Tree Tops lodge & design?

The Tree Tops is a unit that I’ve wanted to build since coming up with The Secret Garden Glamping. It was going to be the last unit I build here on site, so I wanted to make it the most incredible thing I could ever build. I actually took the inspiration from the first treehouse I built when I was 10 years old! I remember drawing one like this and thought now is the perfect opportunity to actually build what my 10-year-old self wanted.

Why did you choose the reclaimed wood furniture, is sustainability important to you?

Sustainability is a massive part of what we do down here. The whole site is built around the woodland so we never take any trees down. You will see the woodland has become part of every unit and we want to follow that theme through to the inside of the units. We use reclaimed items in every aspect of the design and believe it enhances what we have to offer here.

What is your favourite thing about the new Tree Tops lodge?

So my favourite part of The Tree Tops has to be the slide! It’s a feature that any treehouse has to have, and I’m sure it will provide lots of amazing memories for both adults and children alike. It was an absolutely massive feat to try and build this in the woodland, but it was certainly worth it.

What are the benefits of glamping holidays?

Glamping holidays have massive benefits, not only to the local and rural economy, but also studies now show that spending time outdoors, especially in Woodlands can actually improve our mental health and well-being. Being able to reconnect with nature is something other holidays just don’t offer and being able to take that time out from our busy lives really put things back into focus.

What type of experience can your guests expect?

Guest experience is at the forefront of everything we do here. We want to make sure that everybody can experience the woodland as if it was their own. Every guest staying here gets to have their own piece of this magical place, entirely to themselves. Within the woodland, you can choose how you want to spend your time – you can relax in the amazing hot tubs, roast marshmallows over the fire pit or simply sit under the stars with your perfect book. Spaces can be used however our guests decide, so it’s very versatile when it comes to individual requirements.

Who is the most famous person to have stayed at Secret Garden Glamping?

We have had a lot of different celebrities come and stay at site! Of course we do want to respect the privacy of our guests, but we’ve had people from Love Island, Towie, Coronation Street, EastEnders, footballers, and even some super high profile movie stars. 

What is your favourite time of year at Secret Garden Glamping and why? We can imagine a gorgeous Winter wonderland when it snows!

Now this is a hard question! What is my favourite time of year down here… I have to say, although Summer is amazing with all the trees and flowers in bloom, Winter down here is definitely the best! Lighting is a massive part of what we do here, and those dark Winter nights mean that when guests arrive, the Woodlands are already lit up, ready for them. Crisp Winter nights mean bubbly hot tubs and being able to cosy up outside by the fire pit, it’s something most people aren’t able to do. The guest reactions in Winter are some of the most amazing that we have.

What is Santa bringing to you guys this year?

I think all I want from Santa this year is a rest! It’s been a massive push on the run-up to Christmas to get the lodge finished, so now I think there’s going to be some time to enjoy a few quiet evenings before we start the next project on the 1st of January.

If you had to spend 1 month in a lodge/cabin, which one would you pick and why?

A question I do get asked a lot is which is my favourite unit and it’s so hard! It’s like asking to pick my favourite child! Each one is individual and I have amazing memories of each of them, but if I was going to spend a month in one of them it would have to be the Tree Tops. It’s by far the largest unit we’ve ever made and has taken all the best parts of each unit we have so far and incorporated them into one.

We can’t wait to see the final look once The Tree Tops lodge is complete! Stay tuned to see the full collaboration & don’t forget to check out The Secret Garden Glamping on Instagram!