This weeks blog takes a different approach. We are going to explore the interior inspiration with Rachael and her thoughts about Housing Units furniture and customer experience. Read on to see some top styling tips and interior inspiration…

For many interior accounts it is important to prioritise how they take on a new renovation project…

“I think the best thing to do during a renovation is to keep a spreadsheet updated regularly! This way you can keep track of costs. We carefully planned each room out and knew exactly what was going where and how much everything would cost. That said… we still went over budget!”

Tips like these make you understand it can be a manageable task to create your dream home. By setting yourself a budget you may exceed what you expected to but it makes you realise how important it is to building the right look to make it your home.

It is hard to always put your own stamp on home interiors but Rachael has revealed where she takes he interior inspiration from.

“My main interior inspiration would definitely be Instagram! I will have an idea and start searching hashtags on instagram! Such as ‘booth seating’ I had this idea for a family dining area, I felt our kitchen/dining area wasn’t really big enough for a family of 6 so wanted to create something that was cosy as well as somewhere for everybody to eat! So I started searching for ideas of family booth seating on Instagram and found so many different kinds! I also love looking around home department stores and Rightmove! I spend a lot of time looking at houses on Rightmove for ideas!”

Getting to grips with exploring different ways of interior design can give you that desire to follow your dreams to create a home you may not have thought imaginable.

For us it is important to take a look at why customers appreciate the HU brand and we want to know what it means to them. Rachael gives us an inside view on her love for HU …

“The thing I love most about Housing Units is that we can go there to shop as a family! The Wickentree restaurant is gorgeous! The children get so excited to go there as they have the best desserts!! Then we will go shopping! Me and my husband will go for afternoon tea or breakfast for our birthdays while the children are in school then go shopping too!”

Having interior drive can make it hard to pick a specific room which is your pride and joy but Rachael has a one which is a little more favourable…

“I love every room in our house, but my favourite would have to be the living room. We love to sit and watch telly as a family with the fire on and the curtains closed, even in summer we have movie nights where we do this!”

Choosing a favourite piece of furniture can be hard as each item has a different functionality and purpose but Rachael has chosen…

“My favourite Housing Units purchase…oooooh there’s so many!! I think the fire is our favourite so far! We love it so much! We went for an electric fire so that we could have it on whenever we wanted! We don’t really use it for the heat, but for the lights to create a really warm, homely setting! Having young children we wouldn’t have been able to do that with a gas fire as they get so hot. I also love the dining table and pink armchair in Mia’s room!!”

By taking a look into Rachael’s home we have had an insight into a cleverly and beautifully designed space to complete her family home.

The below products are featured in Rachael’s home …

  1. Savona Pink Velvet Armchair
  2. Linear Pleat Blush Throw
  3. Lucca Grey Marble Dining Table
  4. Cadeo Small Grey Bench 
  5. Evonic Fires E1800GF3 Hole in the Wall Electric Fire
  6. Belfield Nova Silver Curtain Collection

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All images shown in this blog were taken by @mrselizabethhome.