Transform your staircase into the centrepiece of your home with James Grace.

Whether you are looking for a staircase renovation or a new design & build, the expert designers and carpenters at James Grace can help to transform your home with the perfect bespoke staircase.

With over 20 years of experience behind them, James Grace boast a varied and impressive portfolio of all kinds of staircases, from contemporary metal to classic wood.

Renovation Service

If you’re looking to update your existing staircase, James Grace offer a renovation service that requires no structural changes. To do this, the treads, risers and strings are re-clad in new wood.

All other components, such as the spindles, are removed and replaced in hardwood or even metals or glass, giving a completely new look. This is the first choice for busy homeowners as it leaves the staircase looking completely transformed, in as little as 48 hours..

Design and Build

The expert design consultants at James Grace carry out an initial home visit to establish exactly what you need to craft your new staircase, ensuring that you achieve the perfect design. With a wide range of styles to choose from, the James Grace design consultants will help you to choose the perfect bespoke staircase for your home. They will then send their highly skilled carpenters to install your staircase.

Choose From a Range of Materials

Whether you have a large traditional property or a more modern minimalistic home, you can entirely transform the look of your hallway by making simple renovations to your staircase. There are a number of wood finishes to choose from, ranging from magnificent Walnut to the distressed grey hue of Dust Oak, the choice is yours. Alternatively, combining wood with glass or wrought iron can cause some spectacular results.

Free Consultation

For more information or to arrange a free consultation please visit them on the first floor of the Emporium Store or click here to visit their web site: