Located in the Bedding department on the ground floor in our Home Furnishing Centre the Fine Bedding Company Sleep event is scheduled to take place on Saturday 17th June.

With our in-house sleep expert here to help you find the perfect sleep experience for your bedroom and chances to win goodies all day long, why not come and join us.


About Fine Bedding Company

The Fine Bedding Company never underestimate the importance of sleep. As a UK based company, they use only the finest fabrics and the most technologically innovative ingredients from around the world. All are designed to ensure that at the end of each day you drift off in total comfort and luxury and get the great night’s sleep you deserve. As committed ‘sleepologists’ the Fine Bedding Company understands the different ways that people sleep and the different bedding requirements that they have.


Fine Bedding Company are passionate about sleep and know how important it is. That’s why, as your sleep gurus they have compiled some tips on how to sleep better by understanding your sleeping habits and how to improve them. We’ll guide you towards the right pillow and duvet from our beautifully crafted range as well as giving you insights for better sleep.