A carefully selected rug makes a huge impact to your home décor. Whether you are looking to enhance your living room, bedroom, dining area or even an outdoor space, there are many different factors to consider. Choosing the perfect rug isn’t always an easy task, so we’ve put together a few tips and guides to help you make the best decision.

Rugs by Size & Shape

If you’re stuck choosing the right size rug for your room, just a few extra centimeters can make a huge difference. We believe when it comes to rug sizing, bigger is often better and opting for a larger rug will really help to make your space look larger & feel connected. It’s also important to choose a rug within the proportions of the room, as well as considering the shape of the room and furniture layout.

Rectangular Rugs – Lay the rug in the direction of the room, for example in a long room you should orient lengthwise.

Square Rugs – Perfect for symmetrical rooms or bedrooms, fitting perfectly under and around your bed.

Round Rugs – Ideal situated under circular furniture such as coffee tables or dining tables.

Narrow Rugs – Runners are perfect for hallways and entryways, visually extending the area.

Use our handy sizing guides below to gain an idea of which size of rug may work best in your home!

Living room

Placing a rug in your living room will really bring the space to life, and can instantly enhance the feel of the room. Whether you choose a luxurious deep-pile rug to create a cosy atmosphere, or a striking textural rug with a contemporary lustrous finish, the choices are endless.

Small Rugs

Recommended sizes: Up to 70cm x 140cm or up to 90cm x 150cm

A small rug placed beneath a coffee table or footstool creates a centre point and makes the space feel larger. This option is ideal for smaller rooms, allowing you to add the perfect finishing touch without dominating the space.

Medium Rugs

Recommended sizes: Up to 140cm x 200cm or up to 170cm x 240cm

Medium rugs are great for making a room feel more balanced, by placing the front legs of your furniture over the top. This popular layout creates a sense of space & works particularly well when furniture is placed against a wall.

Large Rugs

Recommended sizes: Up to 200cm x 300cm or above

Large rugs are ideal for defining an area, by placing all items of furniture on top. Ensure enough space is left around the perimeter of the rug, to avoid making the rug look too small for the room.

Dining room

With a dining table being the heart of the room, a rug not only frames the table, but will provide both style and functionality. A rug will protect floors from shuffling feet and sliding chairs, whilst dressing up the room to perfection. We recommend choosing a low-pile rug which is easy to clean and care for, just in-case of any accidental spillages or crumbs from dinner!

Rectangular Rugs

Ensure the rug is large enough so all chairs remain on top, even when they are pulled out. Don’t forget to take extending dining tables into consideration, making sure the rug is spacious enough to accommodate any extra seating.

Round Rugs

The shape of your rug will complement the shape of your furniture, therefore a round rug should always be matched with a circular dining table. Once again, all chairs should remain on the rug, even when they are pulled out.


Placing a runner in a kitchen diner will help to define an area, while making the space feel more homely and welcoming. This idea works perfectly in open-plan areas & will visually extend smaller spaces.

Runners are also perfect for hallways and entryways, but try not to overcrowd the space and keep furniture off the runner.


When choosing a rug for your bedroom, the bed is usually the main focal point of the room and should serve as a guide for your rug placement. A beautiful rug will enhance your space, whilst providing a comfortable area for your feet to land each morning.

Large Rugs

When placing your bedroom furniture on top of a rug, we recommend placing only the bed, bedside tables or a bedding box/bench on top. Exclude larger pieces of furniture which sit against walls, such as wardrobes and dressers.

Medium Rugs

Positioning a large rug around two thirds underneath your bed will create a break between the bed and the rest of your furniture. This is a popular option, as it suits most furniture layouts and looks striking amongst any style of interior décor.


Placing a runner on each side of your bed provides a more flexible option, whilst still giving your bedroom a luxurious finishing touch. We recommend choosing a runner slightly wider than your bedside cabinets, but not extending past the length of the bed.

Rugs by Style & Colour

There are lots of different styles of rug to choose from, whether you prefer something with traditional patterns, or contemporary textural styles with metallic accents. There are also luxurious deep pile rugs, or minimalist styles and plain colours. Choosing a rug that will complement the existing style of your room is essential, as it will quickly become one of the main focal features.

Patterned – A patterned rug will add interest & intrigue to minimalist surroundings.

Plain – Plain rugs will enhance an elaborate room without overwhelming its existing fixtures.

Colourful – A coloured rug will make a big impact on your room, adding interest and enlivening any setting. Bold and beautiful designs create the perfect foundation for injecting some personality into your home.

Neutral – Neutral rugs instantly add warmth and texture to a space, without overpowering the existing décor. Timeless and sophisticated, a neutral rug makes the perfect base for creating a welcoming and versatile aesthetic.

Rugs by Type

There are lots of different materials and textures to explore when it comes to rugs, with each one serving its own purpose.

Deep Pile & Shaggy – Pile rugs create a homely feel and provide a sumptuous texture underfoot. Perfect for cosy rooms made for relaxing, such as living rooms and bedrooms.

Flat Weave & Low Pile – Flat weave & low pile rugs are usually low-maintenance and easier to care for. This makes them ideal for busy households and higher traffic areas, as well as dining rooms.

Carved 3D & Lustrous Finish – Carved rugs give a 3D effect & are often enhanced with lustrous fibres for a contemporary & stylish effect.

Natural – Faux furs and natural fibres are a great way to introduce different textures, creating a snug & relaxed feel.

Outdoor – Durable outdoor rugs bring a soft and comfortable finishing touch to outdoor patio or decking areas, whilst adding style and interest.

We love how @the_rockbourne has styled our Brighton outdoor rug!

Caring for your rug

Keep your rug looking beautiful with frequent care and attention. Your rug should be gently vacuumed regularly to remove any surface dirt and debris.

Avoid placing rugs made from delicate materials in high traffic areas, as these will wear faster with heavy footfall. We would also recommend that you rotate your rug every few months, to prevent from uneven general wear & tear.

Treat spills as quickly as possible, blotting up as much as you can. Do not rub & always refer to the rug’s specifications before using any cleaning products. Wherever possible, we would always recommend professional cleaning.

And finally, a professional clean once a year will help to keep your rug fresh, clean and looking beautiful.