As committed ‘sleepologists’, The fine bedding company never underestimate the importance of sleep and understand the different ways that people sleep and the different bedding requirements needed. They are a UK based company who only used the finest fabric and most technologically innovative ingredients from around the world. All of their products are designed to ensure you can easily drift of at the end of the day and get the comfortable and luxury sleep that you deserve. 

A revolutionary fibre, with a phase changing material (PCM) core, ProCool® absorbs excess heat through the fibres and disperses away from the source in to the PCM core, only allowing a slow release when the source is at its optimum ‘cool’ level. 

ProCool® pillow is a new innovation to the market. The thermodynamic behaviour of the ProCool fibre means heat is absorbed into the PCM core which has a powerful storage capacity meaning it is much more effective than other ‘cooling’ fibres or fabrics on the market. 

The intelligent cooling fibres are 3 times more effective at storing and releasing heat as needed than other temperature regulating pillows on the UK market, according to independent tests. 

ProCool® helps wick away moisture, adding to the cooling effect and creating the perfect micro-climate for a restful night’s sleep. 

ProCool® products combine German and British innovation and are engineered to last. Blending Smartfil® fibres with German Technology Award – winning ProCool® fibres maximises the products performance, even after washing at 60°. 

The Differential Scanning Calorimetry test measures heat capacity and was carried out by heating 3 pillow samples in a gradually increasing temperature controlled condition. These curves show the difference in performance of all three pillows tested. The blue curve of the ProCool® Pillow has a higher capacity to absorb heat in the interval of 23-34°C, while other curves are linear as they have no capacity to store heat. 

The graph demonstrates a heat transfer both to and from the fibre in the range of 22-43°C, thus imitating a normal ‘sleep environment’. Body heat is transferred to the ProCool® fibres in the range of 23-27°C (see 1 in the diagram) and between 27-34°C the excess heat is released into the atmosphere (see 2 in the diagram); thus achieving a temperature balance that emulates a dynamic sleep environment and maintains a cooler pillow for longer.

Standard microfiber and temperature regulating pillows that do not contain a PCM core do not have such heat absorbing capacity. 

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