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About Stressless

Shop Stressless Furniture | Housing UnitsShop Stressless Furniture | Housing Units

Housing Units we are proud to be the leading Manchester stockist of the Stressless range by Ekornes.

We stock a full range of Stressless chairs and sofas and we deliver nationwide.

Why not call or visit our store in Manchester to test the chairs and sofas for yourself and talk to our highly experienced team or use the information and videos here on our website to find out more about the Stressless collections that we have to offer.

The Stressless Story

First introduced in 1971, Stressless® chairs and sofas are designed to provide the very best comfort experience offering market leading levels of comfort and performance, they soon became an international success.

In 1991, PlusSystem featuring a functional skeleton of springs was developed and introduced on the Stressless® models, this feature interprets your body's movements as you change positions to provide increased lumber support.

In 1996, Ekornes became the first company to produce chairs in more than one size; taking into account that people with different builds need to have different chair sizes in order to sit comfortably whilst providing great structure to posture and delivering holistic levels of inspired luxury.

And in 2003, the Stressless® chair was recommended by the American Chiropractic Association, citing the comfort related principles on which the chair is built.   

Offering patented features that you wouldn't find on competitor recliners, Stressless® is still known as the ultimate, unrivalled recliner in todays market.

Stressless products are built to the highest standards and feature a 10-year warranty on the internal mechanism. No one builds a recliner like Stressless. 


Stressless Consul Chair With Classic Base Stressless Consul Chair With Classic Base

Classic Base

Stressless Consul Chair Dove Grey Signature BaseStressless Consul Chair Dove Grey Signature Base

Signature Base with Balance Adapt

Stressless Mayfair Dove Grey Chair Signature BaseStressless Mayfair Dove Grey Chair Signature Base

Signature Base with Balance Adapt

Stressless Mayfair Silver Grey Classic BaseStressless Mayfair Silver Grey Classic Base

Classic Base


Stressless Plus System | Housing UnitsStressless Plus System | Housing Units

Stressless Plus System

All Stressless® recliners feature the unique Plus System™ and Glide™ system so you can lean back and get a comfortable reclining position in an extremley effortless manner. Adding further ease, this is achieved by a simple hand movement ensuring maximum comfort is maintained.

Signature Base with BalanceAdapt

The upgraded Signature base is made of aluminium and wood for a truly modern day style. Experience a feeling of weightlessness and a subtle rocking movement with the unique BalanceAdapt™ feature. Also includes Plus™ system and Sleep Function.


You spend hours in your chair, therefore it's important that your chair offers comfort, support and relaxation. Opt for a separate footstool or the unique LegComfort™ system. The Stressless footstool allows you to freely move the stool as you adjust to your position, and when not in use, the LegComfort™ system is concealed beneath the seat to provide a sense of tidiness and saves space within the room.


We keep many of the popular leather and wood finish options in stock and these are available to purchase on our website, if you prefer an alternative finish these can be ordered during a visit to our Manchester store.


Batick leather is an easy to clean material, protected with a layer of lacquer on its surface to avoid defects of everyday wear and tear, ensuring the products durabillity.

Batick is resistant to fading however you may notice a slight change of colour over a period of time due to exposure of light.

This style of leather has an almost 'pebbly' texture; the tones in this colour range have an almost 'matte' appearance and may appear to have a two tone colour due to Batick having a corrected, pigment improved finish.

If you're looking for an easy to maintain material, Batick would be best suited as this offers simple cleaning and a favourable price.


Cori is a corrected, pigment improved upholstery leather. This type of leather is extremley hard wearing, protected with a layer of lacquer on its surface to avoid defects of everyday wear and tear, ensuring that this product has a long lasting durabillity.

This style of leather has an almost 'pebbly' texture, some colours may appear to possess a two tone effect.

Most of its natural marks have been removed, Cori also has a slight shine which adds depth and character to the surface.

We would recommend Cori leather to anybody that is looking for long lasting durable properties, a robust structure and an a more exclusive, expensive look.


Paloma leather is a slightly corrected leather  with a combination of dyes and pigments that smooths down some of the grain pattern in the leather. The grain structure in Paloma leather may vary in some parts of the furniture and minor colour nuances may be visible, natural marks, insect bites and scars are all natural and will seen in this leather.

Like other Stressless Leathers, a thin coat of lacquer provides Paloma leather some protection and simplifies cleaning, however it should be noted that Paloma does not offer the same heavy duty quality and protection as Batick and Cori.

Paloma is a very popular choice due to its natural appearance, extra softness, good tear resitance and good colour fastness to light.


Noblesse is one of the most exclusive and heaviest leather options offered by Stressless.

This leather is dyed through with a natural pebbled grain and structure, so natural marks will appear in this type of leather; minor colour nuances and blemishes may also be visible.

Like the other leathers from Stressless, Noblesse has been protected with a thin layer of top coat; however this type of leather is the most delicate.

This material is more absorbent than other options available and so is more likely to be affected by wear and tear, sunlight, heat and spills.

Regular cleaning and maintenance is important to ensure its attractive appearance is long lasting.


Choose from a variety of colours for your Stressless and Ekorness furniture.
Stressless uses rotary-cut European beech for all moulded furniture components. Beech wood is highly durable and hard wearing. As Beech is a natural material, variations in pattern and texture results in each item of furniture being unique. Lightly steamed European beech is used for solid wood components, whilst boards of birch and spruce are used for interior wooden parts.

Depending on the model, you can choose fom Beech stained in the following colours: Walnut, Wenge, Black, Brown, Grey, Oak, Teak and White wash.

Stressless Consul Recliner Chair |Housing UnitsStressless Consul Recliner Chair |Housing Units

Stressless® Consul Recliner

The Stressless Consul is a classic recliner made to fit any home and will always give you a warm welcome. Soft polyester fibers and molded foam with Comfort Zones gives it that extra touch of luxury and pleasing looks.

We offer the Stressless Consul paired with the classic footstool and base, or you may decide to opt for a more modern, polished design by selecting the upgraded Siganture base.

The Signature base combines aluminium and wood for a truly contemporary look. Experience a feeling of weightlessness and a subtle and comfortable rocking movement with the unique BalanceAdapt™ feature. Also includes Plus™ system and Sleep Function. Adding further ease, the sleep function is actioned by a simple hand movement ensuring maximum comfort is maintained.

With the added BalanceAdapt™ functionality combined into the base so that they work as one unit, the recliners soft, comfortable tilt movement allows you to sink further back into the chair – enhancing your overall comfort.

*Available in small, medium and large*

Stressless® Windsor Grey Leather 3 Seater Recliner Sofa 

Let the whole family join in on the comfort with a Stressless sofa.

With its cosmopolitan flare and bold chic design, the Stressless Windsor Grey Leather 3 Seater Recliner Sofa is sleek and has a high-end designer aesthetic.

The gentle curves and clean lines of this design complement one another perfectly, whilst the sumptuous seats and padded armrests ensure that the Windsor is an extremely comfortable seat.

Along with its patented Stressless Glide® System, each seat within this sofa can be reclined individually, making the Windsor superb for adapting to each individuals level of comfort.

Stressless Windsor Grey Leather 3 Seater Sofa | Housing UnitsStressless Windsor Grey Leather 3 Seater Sofa | Housing Units
Stressless Skyline Recliner | Housing UnitsStressless Skyline Recliner | Housing Units

Stressless® Skyline Recliner

Enter into a whole new world of comfort with the Stressless Skyline recliner. The Stressless Skyline features an Ekornes signature base and the Balance Adapt-system. Balance Adapt by Stressless is a brand new functionality that gives you instant comfort from the moment you sit down in the chair and makes the recliner respond to your every movement. The seat cushion and the back cushion operate from a fixed angle. This ensures that you are support from head to toe with all the perks of Ekornes' engineering. The subtle and soft rocking movement increases comfort in all positions and allows you to recline the chair even further back in the sleeping position (aka sleep mode).

The Stressless Skyline rotates a full 360 degrees and is available with two different seat heights. The base combines the classic wood we all know and love, with the polished aluminium that is often featured on select models like the Metro High-Back Recliners. This delivers a stunningly fresh look within the Ekornes product line. The adjustable headrest allows the seat to accommodate users of varying heights. This way you can have a seat for everyone without needing 2 different chairs.

Want to journey to a whole new realm of comfort? Come to our Manchester store and try out the Stressless Skyline recliner for yourself. Our expert in-store staff will be more than happy to assist if you want any help or advice.

**Available in store only**

Stressless® Mayfair Recliner Chair

The Stressless Mayfair small recliner chair and stool with signature base is that classic Stressless look you've come to recognise - elegant and laid back. Created in Paloma Silver Grey leather with a steel and grey wood frame, this recliner chair offers unbeatable support and comfort.

Its cushioning is extra supple and comfortable, and contributes to making this one of our top sellers. The steel frame is set with Flexo-springs, which gives it a durable build and extra sitting comfort. Moulded polyurethane cold foam with Comfort Zones gives your body exactly the right amount of support, and plush polyester fibres provide that gentle touch of luxury.

*Available in small, medium and large*

Stressless® Mayfair Recliner Chair | Housing UnitsStressless® Mayfair Recliner Chair | Housing Units

Create a space that gives back to you. 

Stressless® furniture is designed with your body in mind.

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