3D Marilyn Monroe Circlism Art By Ben Heine

Digital Circlism Art By Ben Heine of Marilyn Monroe
Digital Circlism Art By Ben Heine of Marilyn Monroe
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  • Digital Circlism Art By Ben Heine of Marilyn Monroe. The icon meets Ben Heine and pop art meets pointillism. View this unique artwork online and buy now.
    Resulting from a technique which is typical of Ben Heine, his works make an impression which is incredibly tactile, modern and almost futuristic. Flat, even circles arranged geometrically on a black background are positioned in such a way that expressive and dynamic 3-D portraits are created, making the beautiful Marilyn even more irresistible.
    Each portrait is a well-planned, strictly geometrical composition which is closely aligned with the pointillist school of art. When elements of pop art are added the result is an impressive artwork which can involve up to 180 hours of work.
    Ben Heine was born in Abidjan  in the Ivory Coast  in 1983, but now lives and works in Brussels. His work shows the influences of German expressionism, Belgian surrealism and the American pop art movement. He has long been international

    • 60cm x 60cm x 60cm
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